Step by step instructions to finish KYC process through the Paytm application ?

What is KYC

KYC represents Know Your Customer. The point of doing KYC is to keep banks from being utilized accidentally or for the wrong reason.

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Requirement for KYC

According to the rules of RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) all client of any wallet or bank who need to use for higher parity (Limit will

increments) for sending cash or for another reason.

What are the various approaches to do KYC

Self KYC (Aadhar + OTP)

*Doorstep KYC

*Nearby KYC Center

1.Self KYC (Aadhar + OTP)

Aadhar based KYC will be finished in 2 min. It is totally a paperless KYC.

Open Paytm application.

*Click KYC on blue strip.

*Enter your Aadhar number and Name.

*Enter the OTP sent to your enlisted portable number that is connected with UIDAI.

*Now affirm your personality.

*Fill the given structure that comprises of your own subtleties.

*You have now done your KYC.

2.Doorstep KYC

Aadhar based KYC will be finished in 2 min.

You can pick this technique when your portable number isn’t enrolled with UIDAI or the number is enlisted is lost or in some other


*Simply you need to choose Doorstep KYC in Paytm and book an arrangement as indicated by your appropriate time. A Paytm operator will go to your

*address and gather the significant information and your KYC will be done at the earliest opportunity. You can demonstrate any legislature enrolled records

for KYC.

3.Nearby KYC Center

This procedure is additionally valuable on the off chance that we are not ready to do KYC itself. Basically open the paytm application and find the adjacent KYC focus, after that

visit the closest KYC focus with important reports to complete your KYC.


All the above strategies for doing KYC is completely free.

After KYC our point of confinement will increment to 1lac.

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While PayTM was the friend in need of everybody in India after demonetisation and realized the computerized cash for the average folks, it

has rapidly turned into a bane for some. With the most recent KYC update required, many individuals are discovering issues in finishing it.

This piece however investigates the whole procedure of refreshing your KYC on PayTM:

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